Band MP3's

Slow practice and listening examples.

Choir MP3's

Example of the songs for practice at home: Listen carefully to the voices and melodies that are yours... there are different voices on the melodies than we usually have.

In Joyful Hope Solos.mp3

Christmas Bells are Ringing - 11:12:17, 4.24 PM.mp3

2-01 Where Is Love_ 2.mp3

1-39 I Move On 2.mp3

1-22 Danny Boy 1.mp3

1-34 Dance Of Youth 2.mp3

Dona no is pacem.m4a Dona no is pacem.m4a
Size : 2597.888 Kb
Type : m4a
Dona nobis pacem 2.m4a Dona nobis pacem 2.m4a
Size : 2609.057 Kb
Type : m4a
Dona nobis pacem 3.m4a Dona nobis pacem 3.m4a
Size : 2618.902 Kb
Type : m4a